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The Roots Grow Inside / 2020

Processual exhibition, which follows up on group residency "Soil, dirt, earth" using elements of installation, environment and performance

We closely observe how the space of life and flow of time is created from the inside. We grow from the earth, entering processes going on in it. Seeds, work, information, bones, symptoms of soil are growing through a reliable system of our security that slowly turns to dust. The uncertain look nervously roves and searches for new soil, live field, land of peace or a simple touch of infinity. _The project's outcome are photographs, a series of videos and a printed zine.

The exhibition is taking place while galleries are closed during the statewide lockdown.

Participants: Nikola Brabcová, Karin Šrubařová, Veronika Čechmánková, Tomáš Hrůza, Michal Klodner, Karel Kunc, Saša Spačal